What is EPOS-RO?

EPOS-RO is a distributed research infrastructure facilitating the integration and use of data, products and services from national research infrastructures in the field of Earth Sciences. Its main goal is to achieve an efficient and comprehensive Romanian multidisciplinary research platform for Earth Sciences.

EPOS-RO is a Romanian consortium funded in 2014 which consists of seven national institutions in the field of Earth Sciences owning geophysical infrastructures and facilities:

  • National Institute for Earth Physics – INFP
  • Romanian National Institute of Marine Geology and Geoecology – GeoEcoMar
  • Romanian Geological Institute – IGR
  • University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geology and Geophysics/ Faculty of Physics
  • National Institute in Construction, Urbanism and Sustainable Territorial Development – URBAN INCERC
  • Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest – UTCB
  • Romanian Academy, Institute of Geodynamics “Sabba S. Ştefănescu”)

The Romanian national scientific community has been contributing to EPOS and to the integration of research infrastructures in the solid Earth sciences for many years. Proving research community interest, EPOS has been included in the Romanian Roadmap for Research Infrastructures in 2017 and ever since it has been supported by the Romanian Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitalization.

Romania is contributing to EPOS-ERIC facilitating the access to observation data of the national research infrastructures by offering services in the field of: seismology, GNSS data, Near Fault Observatory (NFO), Geological Data and Modelling, anthropogenic hazards, multi-scale laboratories.

EPOS-RO Vision:

To ensure an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research, using seismological, geophysics data along with geological and satellite data, for easier analysis of natural hazards and a better understanding of the dependencies between different components of the natural environment.

To ensure a long-term plan facilitating the integrated use of Earth Science data, products and services from National Research Infrastructures.

EPOS-RO coordinator:

  • National institute for Earth Physics (INFP)